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Brian Kolodny

Founder and CEO

Brian is our Visionary and tireless advocate for looking at Cannabis and Hemp investments more wholistically. Brian believes that Cannabis and Hemp investing are at a critical stage now, but, without investments in core foundational areas at the same time, we'll have a lopsided industry. As a result, he's decided to make every entity in our deals contribute to the growth of Research, Education, Advocacy and Job Growth in the Hemp and Cannabis community. 

Personally, Brian lost his mother, uncle and grandfather to Polycycstic Kidney Disease (PKD) and has spent the last 20+ years working with the PKD Foundation, Big Pharma and Congress to find a treatment or a cure. The sad truth is, nothing has been made available for public use and there are many obstacles in the US patent law, health code and a general lack of collaboration from those who can help.

The growth of the disease is very similar to how cancer cells spread. It's symptoms are broad and include hypertension, inflammation, chronic pain, depression, sleeplessness. As those of us know, Hemp and Cannabis can address most of these in one hit, one pill or one edible. 

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Krystle has been involved in non-profits for 5+ years outside of her day-to-day professional career. She has a non-profit of her own dedicated to underrepresented youth. 

She joined the G4G team as an advocate to help build awareness around the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Krystle is helping to change the overarching stigma about cannabis one sophisticated, creative and naturalistic person at a time. 

"I set my mind to healthy and my body follows." - Krystle 



Kelsey has a Masters of Science in Marketing and undergraduate degree in Business Management. She has been involved with several non-profit organizations, and is currently on the board of The Red Shoe Society Los Angeles, a non-profit organization associated with raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This organization provides homes for families with sick children near the care and resources they need.

In her work with The Red Shoe Society and in her personal life, Kelsey has seen terminal illness. Two of her grandparents passed away from cancer and her father is a cancer survivor. She joined the Green 4 Good team because of her passion and dedication to medical research with cannabis. Her goal is to help fund life saving research and end the negative stigma surrounding the cannabis industry. 



Adam Rifkin

Adam is a highly respected figure in the Health and fitness industry. He has been providing elite level training and personal coaching, for nearly two decades to a diverse client base ranging from A list celebrities, professional athletes, top models, influencers and CEO’s. 

He is also a passionate speaker on overcoming obstacles, to optimize the limitless potential in all of us, so we may become our dreams. A former addict who found clarity in the physical realm that directly translated in to getting clean, and inspiring others to not only be alive, but truly living a passionate existence. Adam shares his personal story of moving with purpose and navigating fear with men and women in recovery, corporate leaders, those who serve or have served in our armed forces suffering from PTSD, to global influencers among many others. Removing the obstacle of self and realizing beyond fear is freedom.  Guided by the single greatest lesson he has ever learned; never be the hand that holds you down. Attack Life! 
A lifetime clinically diagnosed insomniac, Adam began medicinal cannabis treatment and has since improved his sleep patterns exponentially, even obtaining REM sleep, which is critical to health and recovery. With no side effects to speak of, and never even a whisper of returning to substance abuse, Adam, much like what drove his passion in to health and fitness, realizing the untold remedies within the cannabis industry to prevent and treat unlimited personal issues and ailments, has partnered with Green 4 Good to open a new dialogue of mindset, inspiration and possibilities to change the world organically through a community of like frequency.