Green 4 Good is a socially conscious cannabis business that provides investment opportunities and consulting services while giving back to the community. 

What We Do


Our organization dedicates a portion of each investment to improving local and international communities. We fund sectors of the cannabis industry that are traditionally underfunded, including:

  • Education
  • Medical Research
  • Internships and Job
  • Community Advocacy

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Green 4 Good provides consulting services in the following business areas:

  • Cannabis Supply Chain and Global Distribution Network
  • Cannabis Events
  • Licensing Applications
  • Business Modelling

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We provide the following investment opportunities:

  • Cannabis Supply Chain
  • Branding and Licensing
  • Technology
  • Cannabis Experiences

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Meet Our Team

Our team consist of professionals from Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Legal, Health and Wellness professions. Our wide range of experience and expertise helps Green 4 Good clients optimize opportunities in all segments of the cannabis industry.

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