Product Review: Wildflower CBD + Cool Stick

This this CBD + Cool Stick by Wildflower is a must have for minor aches and dry skin patches. 

Tested areas: Minor neck ache, dry itchy skin 

Tested duration: Neck= 1 day, Dry itchy skin= 1 week 

Results: I felt relief in my neck pain within 15 minutes of applying the cool stick. It has a similar feeling to icy hot, but without all of the added chemicals. I could apply as much or a little as I wanted without feeling guilty about what my skin was absorbing.  When used to hydrate and treat my itchy skin, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Within 5 minutes of applying the cool stick I had a relief I hadn't felt in a while. I was no longer itching. Instead my itching was calmed and my dry skin was moisturized. The only downside was the potent odor of the product. My boyfriend said I was burning his eyes and that I smelled like a senior citizen home. 

Overall, this is a great product to keep in your medicine cabinet for minor aches and a MUST HAVE for itchy skin. I give this product a 8 out of 10.  

Coolstick Front.png